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69 9th St. Gowanus, NY 11215
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NYC Compost Project hosted by Build It Green!NYC

The NYC Compost Project Hosted by Build It Green!NYC is part of a community-scale composting network that works rebuild our soils by providing New Yorkers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunties they need to produce and use compost locally. We host weekly food scrap drop-off locations, train New Yorkers in urban composting best practices, and produce high-quality compost to amend our city’s soils. The finished compost is used in community gardens, on street trees, and in public beautification projects.

Food Scrap Drop-off Locations

Bring your food scraps to one of our 14 NYC Compost Project drop-off locations. All food scraps are composted locally at our Long Island City composting site.

Tours & Events

Check out upcoming volunteer opportunities and site tours!

Request DSNY Compost & Mulch

This spring, DSNY distributed 55,000 bags (over 2 million pounds!) of locally-produced compost and mulch to public greening initiatives in all five boroughs of New York City.  

Please visit DSNY's website to find out more about the compost distribution program for trees, parks, community gardens, or other public greening initiatives.


BIG!Compost is a program of Build It Green!NYC

Buy Compost 

*premium earthworm compost available in 2 lbs bags. Vermicompost made right here in Queens, NY!

Special Projects

Our team of compost experts has installed compost bins at the Brooklyn Grange and the New York Hall of Science, and provides recommendations for groups ready to start composting on-site! Email us for more information at compost@bignyc.org.


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Citywide Food Scrap Drop-Off Locations
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The NYC Compost Project hosted by Build It Green!NYC accepts and processes food scraps as part of the NYC Compost Project funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Please visit on.nyc.gov/lorp for more info.

The NYC Compost Project, created by the NYC Department of Sanitation in 1993, provides compost education and outreach to NYC residents, community groups, city agencies and non-profits. The NYC Compost Project offers compost-related workshops and classes, runs the Master Composter Certificate Program, provides technical composting support, distributes DSNY compost & mulch, develops urban farms, and tables at public events throughout all five boroughs. The NYC Compost Project also operates neighborhood-based food scrap drop-off opportunities and ensures that those food scraps are composted locally.

Questions? Email us! compost@bignyc.org